Split Pouch Cell for Research

Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Battery Research - EQ-STC-LI-AIR

Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Battery Research - EQ-STC-LI-AIR 추천

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Product Name Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Battery Research - EQ-STC-LI-AIR
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Product Code EQ-STC-LI-AIR
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    • Stainless Steel Structure with internal Silver-Clad surface treatment ensures high electrical conductivity and good corrosion protection
    • Two electrodes design
    • Electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE Guide Sleeve and Sealing O-rings
    • Compact design fits in any benchtop glove boxes
    • Grooved area on lower split to fixed position of the anode electrode
    Cell Thickness 1~3mm (cathode+separator+anode)
    Bottom Recess Area
    16mm Dia. (The recessed area can accommodate the electrodes with size up to 16mm Dia.)
    Max. Working Temperature200°C
    Valves & FittingsTwo Stainless Steel needle valves and 1/16" tube connector is installed on both gas inlet and outlet
    WarrantyOne Year limited manufacturer warranty with lifetime support
    Dimensions   Φ80×62mm

    • Anti-corrosive Au coating on the cell internal and inserts is an option. $696 surcharge will apply.
    • Please order spare 1/16 Fittings.
    Operation Instructions
    Application Notes
    • Assembly of Li-Air Batteries, please click the picture below to learn.
    • Consumable materials are available in "Related Products" section.
    • For sodium air batteries of using the Lithium Air Battery cell in a pure oxygen environment, the two valves are not greased.(do not need to worry about using greased valves with pure oxygen can result in combustion).
    • Warning: The included 1/16" O.D. Stainless Steel Gas Inlet Tube must be cut by a dremel or the cutting pliers below (click picture for details). Otherwise, the hole will be blocked and gas will not flow to the split test cell.