Electrode Coating & Rolling

Compact Tape Casting Coater w/ Vacuum Chuck, Film Applicator & Optional Heater up to 120ºC - MSK-AFA-III

Compact Tape Casting Coater w/ Vacuum Chuck, Film Applicator & Optional Heater up to 120ºC - MSK-AFA-III

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Product Name Compact Tape Casting Coater w/ Vacuum Chuck, Film Applicator & Optional Heater up to 120ºC - MSK-AFA-III
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Product Code MSK-AFA-III
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Optional Heating
Cover Voltage and Power

Without Heating

Bottom Heating Bed
110VAC 850 120°C     

Bottom Heating B
220VAC  850W 120ºC

Top Heating cover:
1.2KW, 100ºC

 Top UV (WL: 365nm) BottomHeating, 120ºC

Working Power of CoaterPower adaptor: Input 100-240VAC, Output 24VDC
Traverse Speed
  • 10 - 100 mm/sec variable
  • Accuracy: +/-10 mm/sec
Coating Area
  • Standard Package: 320mm(L) x 100mm(W) due to the width and occupied area of the 100mm applicator.
  • Suggested Maximum: 350mm(L) x 180mm(W)  Reduced width to avoid slurry spilling off the vacuum bed.
  • Length 10 - 350 mm adjustable by using Adjustable Position Switch

Vacuum Chuck
  • Vacuum chuck made of Aluminum alloy with < 1.0 mm hole
  • Vacuum Chuck Dimensions: 365mm(L) x 200mm(W)
  • Note: You may order a glass plate to coat slurry on a porous substrate at the link below
Vacuum Pump (optional)
Pump connector
  • Vacuum control power switch is located on the front panel, and power plug ( female ) built in the back of the machine to connect an optional vacuum pump.
  • The pump connector is compression type 8mm O.D tube fitting which is located on the back panel (see pic below). An 8mm Dia. x 4ft polyurethane tube is included.
Heating Cover(Optional)
  • Pre-installed on the top cover
  • Built-in digital temperature controller with an accuracy of +/-1°C
  • Suspension support helps open cover easily and safely
  • Max. Heating Temp.: 100°C
  • Note: In order faster and uniform heating,  please preheated vacuum chunk to 60- 70oC before coating, and keep heating during coating, then close cover and increase temperature to ~100oC after coating.
Accessories: Film Applicator
                     Note:  Thinnest film can be achieved is > 10 microns
Accessories optional

  • Tempered Glass Plate for Manual Tape Casting is available for optional purchase.
  • Dimensions: 362mm L x 200mm W x 5 mm T
  • Designed for this tape costing coater, AFA-III
  • To make a coating on a porous substrate such as Ni-foam, the glass plate is required to hold with vacuum chunk.
Product DimensionsFor MSK-AFA-I (without Dryer Cover)
   550mm(L) x  330mm(W)  x 150mm(H)
 550mm(L) x  330mm(W) x 320mm(H)

  • CE/UL/CSA Certificate.  Please select the certificate in the optional bar:
    • CE Certificate & UL/CSA ready: CE approval, ready to pass UL/CSA certificate at the extra cost
    • UL certificate -  UL approval  (UL 61010),
WarrantyOne Year limited warranty with lifetime support

Operation Manual & Video
Application Notes
  • Pic.1 and 2 show coated cathode and anode for Li-Ion battery. Please click here to see how to coat an electrode sheet.
  • It is recommended to operate the coater under a fume hood. (Click Pic.3 for detail.)
  • You need a vacuum mixer to remove air bubbles inside slurry and to make uniform coatings (Click Pic.4 for detail.)
  • You may need a Slurry Viscosity Tester to make coatings consistent (Click Pic.5 for detail.)
  • Rolling pressing is necessary to ensure good density and adhesion of electrode materials to the current collector substrate after coating. Please select a rolling press from here.
  • Test the flexibility of the coated electrode with EQ-MBT-12-LD mandrel bending tester. (Click Pic.10 for detail.)
                      ( other doctor blade)
Net Weight45 kg ( 96 lbs)60 kg (135 lbs)
Shipping Weight & Dimension160 lbs, 40" x 30" x 30"