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Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire - 12" Dia Cutting Capability - STX-1202

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Product Name Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire - 12" Dia Cutting Capability - STX-1202
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Product Code STX-1202
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  • STX-1202 is a CE certified precision diamond wire saw. It is designed to provide smooth cutting or slicing for all kinds of materials (especially for larger size crystals, such as Si, Ge and GaAs, etc.) with boule diameter up to 12" (300 mm). It cuts the crystal by a diamond impregnated wire (0.28 mm diameter) which moves back and forth repeatedly with the help of a digital controller. STX-1202 is equipped with an angle-adjustable sample holder.
  • Power Supply
  • AC 220 V,   50/60 Hz,   300 W (110V avaialble upon request)
  • Structure
  • Heavy duty Aluminum alloy
  • Controller 
  • 6" color LCD touch screen control panel
    program to control the Moving Speed of the diamond wire, feeding speed of the sample stage, the slicing thickness and coolant pump operation.
  • Cutting speed
  • High cutting speed : 1 ~ 35 mm/min
    Low cutting speed : 0 ~ 1 mm/min
  • Diamond wire moving speed
  • 0 - 4 meter/second
  • Z and Y Axis Max.
    Traveling Distance
  • 300mm (±0.01mm accuracy)
  • Cutting Area
  • Max. cutting dimensions: Ø300mm×300mm
  • Wire Tension System
  • Built in pneumatic valves can easily adjust the tension of cutting wire. (air pump with >20 PSI pressure is required , but not included)  
  • Sample Stage
  • The sample stage can move in the X-axis and rotate towards two directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise) for precision orientation.  
  • Cooling System
  • One Coolant tank and two small immersion pumps are included for cooling and lubricating diamond wire ( only use anti-rust liquid and oil as coolant, never use water )
  • Overall Dimension(L×W×H)
  • Wire saw : 1100 mm × 892 mm × 1700 mm
    Controller : 520 mm x 400 mm x 250 mm
  • Shipping Weight &
  • 995 lbs
    56'' x 45'' x 70''
  • Warranty
  • Two years limited, not including diamond wire and rusted parts
  • Certificate
  • CE certified
  • Instruction and Video
  • Application Notes
  • An air compressor is necessary for operating the STX-1202 Wire Saw, please order from the relate product below.
    The flow rate of coolent is adjustable by the valve in the blue feeding tubing. Please adjust it properly to improving cutting performance.
    Please use correct cutting fluid. Don't use tap water or any other fluid would cause corrosion of machine parts.
    Must clean the machine after each use.
Item No. Description Image
1 screw-drivers 1set
2 auto-tensed wheel 4pcs (2 has been installed on the machine)
3 power cable 1pcs
4 spool handle 1pcs
5 hex-angle screw 4pcs
6 leading wheel 4pcs (2 have been installed on the machine)
7 spanner for wire-installer 1pcs
8 triangle block 1pcs
9 water splash guard plate 2pcs
10 Water splash guard cover for spooler 1pcs
11 65m cutting wire (0.28mm) 4pcs (1 on the machine)
12 wire-installer 1pcs
13 coolant circulating tank /pump 2pcs