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UL Ready Version Dual Explosion-Proof Chamber for UN38.3 Battery Test ( 20"x20"x20", 125L) - MSK--5000B 적립금

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Product Name UL Ready Version Dual Explosion-Proof Chamber for UN38.3 Battery Test ( 20"x20"x20", 125L) - MSK--5000B
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Item Number MSK--5000B
  • MSK--5000B is UL -Ready standard Dual Explosion-Proof Steel Box with remote control unit, which provides more safe for over-charging & forced discharging of all kinds of battery cells required by the UN38.3 standard ( &
  • Power
  • 208 - 230VAC ( 50/60Hz), (110AC available upon request )
    500W Max.
  • Chamber Material & Size
  • Materials : 1.5mm SS 304 steel with grid.
    Chamber : Two steel Boxes--Top and bottom
    Size of each chamber : 500 mm (20") X 500 mm (20") X 500 mm (20")
    Window : Double layer anti-explosion glass
    Ports : Each chamber has a 5cm (2.0") diameter holes to allow extra power cable extends into chamber
    Venting Fan : One Venting Fan is built in the back of each chamber to be able to exhaust smoke if the battery exploded
    Safety door : One safety door built in back of chamber. The safety door will open when battery exploded in order to release sudden high pressure
    Note : The max. capacity of Li-Ion batteries to be tested in the chamber should be limited to 4.2V@ 40Ah for single cell or 160Wh for battery pack without protection circus
  • Control Unit
  • Control Unit is a separated stand alone unit, which allow user safe operation at remote location
    5 meters longr cable connectin to test chamber is included
  • Venting Fan
  • One metallic venting fan is built inside each of two chamber for smoke removal.
    The exhuast port in the back panel of the equipment is 4" diameter where a in-line centrifugle exhausing system can be installed to remove the smoke/dust intensively. (Connecting tube and exhaust system are not included )
    Centrifugle in-line exhuast fan with aluminum flex duct connection is recommended.  (Click pic below to read detail)
  • Lighting
  • Energy saving light ( 30W) is installed inside of each chamber
  • Electrode Holder & Cables
  • One pair of battery electrode clamps with 10 AWG gauge wires (30A Max.) is built into each chamber for quick connection to batteries
  • Mobility
  • Four mobile wheels are installed at bottom box for easy moving
  • Size and Weight
  • Net Weight & Equipment Dimension :

    ○  Testing Unit : 190Kg (419 lbs), 76 cm (30") x 61cm (24") x 173 cm (68")
    ○  Control Unit : 40 Kg (88.2 lbs), 41cm (16") x 31cm (12") x 102 cm (40")

  • Complaince & Warranty
  • All electronic parts ( > 30V) are CSA, TUV or UL certified , and ready to pass any safety test at extra cost.
    One year limited manufacturer's warranty with lifetime support; extended warranty available upon request at additional cost.
  • Demo Video
  • Shipping Weight & Size
  • Package 1 : 200 Kg (441 lbs), 85 cm (34") x 83 cm (33") x 190 cm (75")
    Package 2 : 50 Kg (110 lbs), 50cm (20") x 40 cm (16") x 120 cm (47")