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Compact Spin Coater (500-8000 rpm, 4“ wafer Max.) with 3 Sets of Vacuum Chucks & Complete Accessories - VTC-100A

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Product Name Compact Spin Coater (500-8000 rpm, 4“ wafer Max.) with 3 Sets of Vacuum Chucks & Complete Accessories - VTC-100A
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110VAC single phase VTC-100A
220VAC single phase
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  • VTC-100A is CE certified compact spin coater with vacuum chucks designed for easy and quick coating via sol-gel for wafers up to 4".    The spinning speed is variable from 500 - 8000 rpm with two programmable segments.    The package comes included with complete accessories for immediate use.    The latest versions have the vacuum chuck and liquid disk made of Polypropylene (PP).
  • Structure  
  • Aluminum casting case to keep spinning stable
    Liquid disk made of Polypropylene (PP)  to resist most of corrosive solutions
    Drainage outlet and vacuum pump connector are on back panel
    One filter is included in standard package. It is used to connect the pump and coater for preventing waste water from flowing into the pump
    One oil-less vacuum pump is included in the standard package, please click here  for specification details.
  • Vacuum Chuck
  • 3 sets of PP anti-corrosive vacuum chucks come in different sizes (1'', 2'' and 4'')             1 piece of adhesive tape (6'' W x 24'' L)  is included for coating irregularly shaped substrates  (e.g. Place the irregular substrate on the adhesive tape, then the vacuum chuck will hold the tape by suction)
    Mini suction cups are available for small wafer with less 1" dia. or substrate with regular ( 5 x 5,  or  10 x 10 mm )or irregular shape.    Please click here to order.  at extra cost.   
  • Spin Speed
  • Digital control panel with two programmable segments of different spin times and speeds
    500 - 8000 RPM adjustable spining speed   
  • Liquid Injecting
  • 20 mL syringe is used to contain the coating material.
     (see the first picture below)
    The syringe holder height can be adjusted and rotated freely along the
     support rod.
    Optional :

    ○  You may choose Precision Electronic Single Channel Pipette :  20 - 200 uL for more accurate coating
    ○  Using plasma-cleaner to treat substrate surface before coating can improve film quality

  • Input Power
  • AC  110 V / 220 V   selectable
    There is a built in power socket on the right side of the VTC-100A spin coater.    It is used to supply power for the vacuum pump.    The output voltage of this power supply depends on the input voltage of the spin coater's main circuit.  (e.g. if the spin coater is plugged into the AC 110V power socket, then the built in power socket will supply AC 110V)
  • Motor Power
  • 150 W
  • Product Dimensions
  • 13'' (L) x 10'' (W) x 8.5'' (H)
  • Net Weight
  • 15 kg  (33 lbs)
  • Compliance
  • CE Certified
  • Warranty
  • One year limited with lifetime support
    Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty
  • Operation Manual & Video
  • Shipping Dimensions
  • 40" (L) x 30" (W) x 30" (H)
  • Shipping Weight
  • 46 kg  (100 lbs)
Item # Description Qty
1 VTC-100A Desktop Spin Coater 1
2 1" Vacuum Chuck (installed on the machine) 1
3 2" Vacuum Chuck 1
4 4" Vacuum Chuck 1
5 Plastic Glass Cover for operation safety 1
6 20mL Syringe for dropping coating solvent on the plate 1
7 500mm Hose for connecting vacuum pump 2
8 Filter (connect to vacuum pipe to keep water from flowing into pump) 1
9 Oil-less vacuum pump  1
10 Blue Adhesive Tape (6" W x 24" L)  1