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Thermal Abuse Test Chamber (51 L)with Two Digital Temperature Controller for IEC 62133-8.3.4 - EQ-TA-6050 적립금

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Product Name Thermal Abuse Test Chamber (51 L)with Two Digital Temperature Controller for IEC 62133-8.3.4 - EQ-TA-6050
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Item Number EQ-DZF-6050-TA
  • EQ-TA-6050 is an explosive-proof oven with 150°C max. working temperature and 53 Liter capacity.    This oven is designed for battery thermal abuse test under IEC62133-8.3.4.    Digital temperature controller provides +/-2°C accuracy with over-heated alarm and completion alart.    It also can be operated under vacuum or inert gas condition to avoid flame and firing.
  • Working Voltage
  • AC208 - 240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Max. Power Consumption
  • 2kW, 16A ABB circuit breaker installed
  • Chamber and Door
  • Interior Material : 304 Stainless Steel with Explosion-Proof Frame
    Inner Chamber size : 420 mm x 370 mm x 350 mm
    Capacity : 53L
    Max. Li-ion battery capacity suggested for testing: 20Ah
  • Structure
  • Anti-explosion structure with 10mm aluminium plate and 3 door catches
    There are two KF25 port built in

    ○  One is on the back of the oven for connecting to vacuum pump and operate the oven at vacuum condition
    ○  Another port is on the left side of the oven ( available when the left side plate is open) to inert extra-electronic wire or sensor if necessary.

    One KF40 port with quick clamp is installed to connect with ventilation
    One 304SS 1/4" O.D Tube Fitting x 1/4" BSPP Male Connector  is built-in on the back of oven to connect with inert gas tank and allows the oven to be operated under iner gas environment.
    Vacuum gauge is built-in on the front of oven to monitor chamber pressure.
  • Working Temperature
  • RT - 130°C for continuous operation
    Average Heating Rate : 6 ºC/min +/-2°C
    Max.HeatingTemperature: 150 °C
  • Temperature Controllers
  • There are two temperature controller / minitor installed
    Temperature Controller 1

    ○  30 segments Programmable Digital Temperature Controller with +/- 2°C accuracy
    ○  PID precise temperature control
    ○  Built-in over-temperature sensor will automatically cut power if the chamber is overheated
    ○  Alert for test completion
    ○  Thermocouple : K Type

    Temperature Monitor 2

    ○  Monitors the temperature of the battery surface with +/- 2°C accuracy
    ○  Built-in over-temperature alarm will automatically cut the power if battery is overheated
    ○  One PT-100 thermal couple is built inside the chamber to attach to battery surface during test

  • Temperature Control Software
  • RS485 port is built-in on the front panel
    PC software and Laptop are optional at extra cost for remote operation, which allows you to record two temperature profiles in the computer
  • Calibration
  • You may order NIST certified temerature monitor to calibrate the temperature of inside chamber at extra cost.
  • Compliance
  • All Electric Components: UL or MET recognized
  • Warranty
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Overall Dimensions
  • 760 mm x 530 mm x 580 mm
  • Operation Instruction
  • Shipping Dimensions & Weight
  • 48" x 40" x 36"; 310 lbs