UL/CSA Ready Muffle Furnace

1100°C Compact Muffle Furnace (4x4x4",1.0L) with Programmable Controller -- KSL-1100X-S-UL

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Product Name 1100°C Compact Muffle Furnace (4x4x4",1.0L) with Programmable Controller -- KSL-1100X-S-UL
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110V AC KSL-1100X-S-UL-110V
220V AC 50/60Hz KSL-1100X-S--UL-220V
  • KSL-1100X-S-UL is a CE certified & UL Ready compact muffle furnace that offers 4" x 4" x 4" high purity fibrous alumina chamber, gas inlet and outlet ports and a 30-segment, programmable temperature controller and the furnace is with UL / MET / CSA Certified electric components .    It is the ideal muffle furnace for preparing small-sized sample using temperatures up to 1100oC in material research and dental labs with maximum energy saving (500 - 700W only).    In addition, the compact furnace can be placed into a glove box to sinter samples in a vacuumed or controlled atmosphere.
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  • Furnace Construction
  • High purity fibrous alumina insulation for maximum energy saving - 30% less power consumption than other brands (click pic below -left to order spare )
    Door drops down for easy and safe sample loading and unloading (with automatic power off when door is opened).
    Two 8 mm diameter tube connectors can be installed to the gas inlet and outlet ports on the back of furnace by customers.
  • Chamber Size
  • Size : 4" x 4" x 4" or 100 x 100 x 100 mm
    Capacity : 65 cubic-inch or 1 liter
     Click on picture to see the chamber size
  • Power
  • 110V version : 950 W ( power cord is included )
    220V version : 1.2 KW
  • Voltage
  • AC 110V or AC 220V 50/60 Hz -- please select the voltage in the option table
  • Max. Temperature
  • 1200 °C (< 1 hour)
  • Continuous Working
  • 1100 °C
  • Max. Heating Rate
  • 30 °C /min
  • Temperature Controller
  • PID automatic control and auto-tune function.
    30 programmable segments for precise control.
    Built in protection for over-heating and broken thermocouple.
    Large digital control panel (48 x 96 mm) for easy operation.
  • Temperature Accuracy
  • +/- 1 °C
  • Heating Elements
  • Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
  • Thermocouple
  • K type
  • Overall Dimensions
  • 200 x 230 x 360 mm
    Click on picture to enlarge and view details
  • Net Weight
  • ~ 8 Kg
  • Shipping Dimensions
  • 14"(L) x 14"(W) x 18"(H)
  • Shipping Weight
  • 30 lbs
  • Warranty
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
    ATTENTION : Any damages caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases are not under the coverage of MTI One Year Limited Warranty.
  • Compliance
  • CE Certified
    All electric components ( >24V) are UL / MET / CSA certified
    The furnace is ready to pass TUV(UL61010) or CSA certification at extra cost.
     ( please click marks below to learn details )
  • Application Notes
  • For preserving the longevity of the furnace components, we recommend the heating rate not to exceed 10 °C /min.
    Cooling rate shall also not exceed 10 °C /min.
    Toxic or explosive gases are not recommended for use with this furnace without necessary safety controls and supervision.    Please put furnace into fume hood for better safety ( click picture left )
    Small cracks may appear on the surface of the refractory ceramics over extended use.    This is a normal occurrence and the cracks may be repaired with alumina coating. 
    May put the small furnace into a standard glovebox via air lock chamber and fire sample under inert gas.
  • Operation Instructions