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Dual Quartz Tubes (5"/4") & Three Zones CVD Furnace upto 1200°C for Graphene Film -  OTF-1200X-III-D5-4

Dual Quartz Tubes (5"/4") & Three Zones CVD Furnace upto 1200°C for Graphene Film - OTF-1200X-III-D5-4

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Product Name Dual Quartz Tubes (5"/4") & Three Zones CVD Furnace upto 1200°C for Graphene Film - OTF-1200X-III-D5-4
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Product Code OTF-1200X-III-D5-4
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  • OTF-1200X-5-III-D4 is a dual tube and three-zone tube furnace with max. working temperature of 1200°C for growing film on metallic foil by CVD, especially designed for make graphene and flexible electrode for solar or battery electrode.
  •  Features
  • Dual quartz tube: 130 mm dia (5"). outside tube suspended by 101 mm dia (4") tube inside. metallic foil will be wrapped inside tube surface for CVD reaction
    Vacuum sealing flanges for dual tube, which allow reactive gas go through between two tube ( 20mm space ) for reaction, and Forced air can go though center tube for fast cooling.
    Max. Working Temperature: 1200°C
    Valve and vacuum gauge are included
    Please click picture on right to see principal of the furnace          Please click below for a related article: "Roll-to-roll production of 30-inch graphene films for transparent electrodes"
  • Furnace structure
  • Three heating zones: (900mm, 36" in total)

    Zone 1: 229mm (9")
    Zone 2: 457mm (18.0")
    Zone 3: 229 mm (9")
    Max. 25" (625 mm) long with +/- 1°C accuracy if set three zones at the same temperature.

    Three precision temperature controllers with 30 segment programmable and +/- 1° C accuracy.
    Max. Working Temperature: 1200°C
    Continuous Working Temperature : 1100°C
    Heating Rate: <= 20°C /min
  • Power
  • AC 208-240V Single Phase, 50/60 Hz (40A breaker required).
    7 KW Max.
    Powder cord is included without plug.
    CE certified
  • Processing Tubes
  • Two High purity Fused Quartz Tubes included

    Outside tube: 130mm O.D. x 122 mm I.D. x 1480 mm
    Inside tube: 102mm O.D. x 94 mm I.D. x 1540 mm

  • Vacuum sealed flanges
  • One pair of flange made of SS304, which seals tightly between tubes by two high temperature O-rings (10-2 by mechanical pump and 10sup>-5by molecular pump ).
    The flange is built with water cooling jacket. When working temperature > 900 °C it is required to use cooling water.  You may either use tap water or use our chilling water circulation at picture below
    One KF25 adapter is installed on left flange to connect a vacuum pump.
    One stainless steel needle valve is installed on right flange (please choose connector at picture below before order)       Optional. Please click to order separately    
  • Optional
  • Copper Foil for Graphene Growth (150m length x 150mm width x 25um thickness) - EQ-bccf-25u:    
  • Furnace Dimension
  • 1030 x 430 x 580 mm ( not included flange and tube )
  • Net Weight
  • about 90 kg
  • Shipping package size after
  • 65 x 45 x 35 "
  • Shipping weight
  • 340 Lbs
  • Warranty
  • One year limited warranty for electrical parts.
    (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
  • Compliance
  • CE Certified
    UL / MET / CSA Certification is available upon request,
     additional charges will apply
    Temperature controller is MET and CE Certified         
  • Warning
  • The tube furnaces with quartz tube are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.12 MPa (absolute pressure)
  • Related instuction video
    (tube installation)
  •  Optional Vacuum Package
  •  Chose high vacuum pump or low vacuum pump upon customer's requirement
Description Quantity links Unit Price
High Vacuum Pump:
Movable Vacuum Pumping Station Combining Rough & Turbo Pump (up to 1E-7 mbar) with Completed Acessories - EQ-PV-HVS3 
Low Vacuum Dry Pump:
Pfeiffer's High Speed ( 226L/min) Oilless Dry Vacuum Pump, 10E-3 Torr Limit - EQ-Adixen-ACP15 
Digital Vacuum Gauge Up to 10-4 Torr 1
Vacuum bellows with KF-D25 adapter (1m) 1
1/4NPS to KF-D25 quick adapter 1
Quick Clamp with Rubber O-Ring for KF-D25 Vacuum adapter 2
If you need PC control the furnace, please order three sets of software and interface device here  1
Updated idea:

• You may put the furnace on a 1200 mm length mobile cart
  ( click picture on left to order )
• you may order our gas mixing module to support the furnace and deliver multi-gas to dual tube furnace