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15T Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press for use in Glove-box - Made in Europe - YLJ-15L(부가세별도)

15T Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press for use in Glove-box - Made in Europe - YLJ-15L(부가세별도)

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Product Name 15T Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press for use in Glove-box - Made in Europe - YLJ-15L(부가세별도)
Sale Price 3,500,000원
Product Code YLJ15L
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YLJ-15L is a high-quality compact manual hydraulic press ,which is capable of generating up to 15 metric tons designed for preparing compound ceramic samples in materials/chemistry research laboratories. The press has a built-in hydraulic pump with auto-return function for quick die removal & sample retrieval. The lightweight and fully airtight design make it extremely well-suited for operation inside of a glove box where having an inert environment is crucial to prevent unwanted sample contamination.  The pressing machine is made in Europe and there are two types of height can be chosen, which is suitable put in the glovebox through Airlock Chamber


Max Pressure

  •      •  Normal operating pressure force: 7 metric tons
  •      •  Max. operating pressure force: 15 metric tons with 》 50 mm H Die  (for <  5 minutes pressure
  •      •  The pressure gauge is built-in

Pressure Gauge

Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Bar)
 200 300  
Actual Force Applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) 3 .8     

  •      •  Gauge displays force in both PSI and Bar units for versatility (click picture on the left to enlarge)
  •      •  Please follow the Force Conversion table above to obtain the equivalent force applied on the
            Hydraulic Cylinder according to the pressure gauge
  •      •  Notice: Please close the Release Lever before transporting the press into glovebox via the
            air-lock chamber. It will cause oil leakage if transported with the lever open.

Max Lifting Height of Bottom Cylinder
  •      •  13 mm
Top Support Screw Adjustable Height
  •      •  YLJ-15L: 220 mm

Dimensions of Machine

& Working Space


  •      •  YLJ-15L: ( higher)    200mm(L) x 330mm(max W) x 480 ~ 715mm ( H)     


      D1: 120mm   D2: 70mm D3: 125mm H1: 260mm   H2: 220m   ( click Pic on left column for detail)

Length of Press Rocker180mm
Net Weight20 Kg ( 44 lbs)
Dimensions of Shipment32"x10"x10"
Weight of Shipment60 lbs

Press Dies (optional)

Please click the picture below to order
Pressing dies with various diameters  at extra cost


  •      •  The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  •      •  One year limited standard warranty (Extended 5-year warranty is available at extra cost)

  •      •  CE Certified

Application Notes


  •      •  Warning: Customers must always wear protective goggles during the operation inside the
  •      •  Do not raise the bottom cylinder (piston) more than it's maximum traveling distance. (13 mm)
  •      •  This compact press  can be placed inside various glove boxes to press air sensitive materials
             under inert gas

Operation Instructions & Videos


(For a more detailed video on how to use pressing dies, please click the video on right)


1YLJ-15L Laboratory Press with built-in hydraulic pump1 unit
2Operation manual CD1 pc