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500°C Max 24 T Laminating Hot Press (135x135 mm area) with Dual Temp. Controller - YLJ-HP100

500°C Max 24 T Laminating Hot Press (135x135 mm area) with Dual Temp. Controller - YLJ-HP100

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Product Name 500°C Max 24 T Laminating Hot Press (135x135 mm area) with Dual Temp. Controller - YLJ-HP100
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YLJ-HP100  is 500°C Max. lamination hot press, which consists of a 24T hydraulic press with two heated platens. The temperatures of the heated platens are controlled by two digital temperature controllers separately up to 500°C. The platens ( 135 x 135 mm area) are made of harden Cr12MoV alloy with a flat surface. Water cooling jackets are installed with the heating platen that allows the heated plate to get faster cooling. One pressure gauge (300 kN) is also mounted to monitor the pressure applied on the platen. It is an excellent tool to prepare polymer and ceramic samples.


Hydraulic Press

  •      • 
    Hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinder are separated for easy replacement
  •      •  Max. Force: 24T  
  •      •  Manual operation

Max. Working Pressure

Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (MPa)
 5   15   25     35   
Actual Force Applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton)5.5  11.7 18.525.5

  •      •  The actual force applied to the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) equal to the force applied to your working piece
  •      •  For calculating the actual pressure (MPa) applied on your working piece, please follow the equations
  •      •  P = T/(πr^2) x g x 10
    •          º  P: Pressure (MPa) applied to your working piece
    •          º  T: Force (Ton) applied to the Hydraulic Cylinder
    •          º  g: Standard gravity. g ≈ 9.8 m/s2
    •          º  π: ~3.14
    •          º  r: Radius (cm) of the working piece
    •          º  *1 Metric Ton = 1000 kg; 1 MPa ≈ 10 kgf/cm2 

Pressure Gauge
  •      •  Measuring Accuracy is +/-1.25 kN

Heated Platen Area

  •      • 
    Platen Area: 135
     mm x 135 mm
  •      •  Material: Harden Cr12MoV alloy
  •      •  Surface: Flattening with CNC grinding  

Max. Travel Distance

  •      •  40 mm
  •      •  Do not raise the bottom cylinder (piston) more than it's maximum traveling distance (80 mm)

Max. Working Temperature

  •      • 
    °C continuous with water cooling
  •      •  500°C for less 30 minutes

Heating Rate & Cooling Rate

  •      •  ≤ 5°C/min

Water Cooling Jacket

  •      •  Two water cooling jackets are built on the back of the top and bottom heating plate separately with 1/4"
             water pipe connectors. Such a configuration allows you to cool the sample as soon as the hot pressing
             process is completed.
  •      •  Please consider using one recirculating water chiller to save water and protect the environment (order
            separately by click picture below)
  •      •  You may order the electric hydraulic pump for automatic pressure control. (Pic below 3)


Temperature Control

  •      •  Two digital controllers are installed in one box with 30 segments programmable and auto-tune faction
  •      •  Temperature accuracy ±2°C.

Power Requirement

  •      •  208 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
  •      •  2.5 kW max.
  •      •  15 A circuit breaker is required for 220 V, 5' length power cable included, but no plug



  •  •  CE Certified for the whole furnace
  •  •  NRTL (UL 61010) or CSA Certification is available upon request, additional charges will apply

    Machine Dimensions

    Shipping Weight &

600 lbs; 47" x 39" x 41"
    Operation Instructions



  •      •  The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  •      •  One year limited standard warranty (Extended warranty is available up to 5 years at an extra cost)

    Application Note

  •      •  The Hot Press can be located inside of a glovebox which temperature controller and the pump will be
             put outside of the glove box