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PVD / CVD Hybrid Coater for Multi-layer Film Coating - VTC-150-H

PVD / CVD Hybrid Coater for Multi-layer Film Coating - VTC-150-H

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Product Name PVD / CVD Hybrid Coater for Multi-layer Film Coating - VTC-150-H
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Product Code VTC-150-H
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VTC-16--PW is a compact powder PVD coater, which consists of 2" water cold magnetron sputtering head and vibration stage. The particles will jump on the vibration stage during the coating and form a core-shell structure. The DC magnetron sputter is suitable for coating for metallic materials. RF power source is optional for non-conductive material or carbon. The coater will be useful for preparing special powder for 3D printing and solid-state electrolyte powders.



  •      • 
    208 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
  •      •  3000 W


  •      • 
    The Whole PCV/CVD system is integrated into the compact 1100°C Single Zone 5" Verticle Tube
            Furnace (click Pic. left for detail specs)

Sputtering Head

  •      •  Click Picture left for detail specs
  •      •  1" flexible magnetron sputtering head with water cooling jacket is included
  •      •  The distance between the sputtering head and the sample stage is adjustable from 60 - 100 mm
  •      •  One Water Cold Recirculating Water Chiller 16 L/min Flow is included for cooling sputtering head

                  .     .     .        .

Rotary  Sample Stage

  •      •  One 3" Dia. the rotary sample holder is in installed on the bottom flange of the vertical tube furnace
  •      •  Rotation speed is adjustable: 1 - 10 rpm for uniform coating

Control Panel

  •      • 
    6" color  touch-screen control panel with PLC integration for easy operation
  •      •  One panel for all parameters monitor and control: vacuum, current

Ultimate Vacuum Pressure

  •      •  Built-in KF25 vacuum port
  •      •  The system requires an Ar gas tank with a pressure regulator (not included)
  •      •  < 1.0E-2 Torr by Vane vacuum pump (not included) for Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Mo targets
            (not sensitive to air)
  •      •  < 1.0E-5 Torr by Turbomolecular pump (not included) for Al, Mg, Li, Lr, Ti, Zn targets
            (sensitive to air)
  •      •  The lowest vacuum may reach < 4.0E-6 Torr by pumping overnight and baking


Gas Atmosphere

  •      • 
    One needle valve installed to allow Ar gas inlet to achieve better plasma coating
  •      •  The system requires an Ar gas tank with the pressure regulator (not included)


  •      •  One 1" Copper target is included for testing, target size: 1" Dia. x 2.5mm
  •      •  It also can coat Ag, Al, Cr, Ni, Pt, Ti, Sn, Li, Mg, etc. almost every kind of metallic material
  •      •  Warning: Aluminum, Chromium or Nickel can be coated by this machine, but please view the
            Recommend Coating Method in the below target link
  •      •  Please using RF Plasma Magnetron Sputtering coater for coating non-conductive materials and

Overall Dimension
Net Weight
  •      •  50 kg

Operation Instructions



  •      •  CE approval
  •      •  NRTL (UL 6100) certification is available upon request at an extra cost, please contact our sales
            representative for a quote
  •      •  One year limited with lifetime support