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Desktop UV-Ozone Cleaner with 12x 12" Chamber and Heating Stage up to 150ºC - EQ-PCE-22

Desktop UV-Ozone Cleaner with 12x 12" Chamber and Heating Stage up to 150ºC - EQ-PCE-22

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Product Name Desktop UV-Ozone Cleaner with 12x 12" Chamber and Heating Stage up to 150ºC - EQ-PCE-22
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PCE-22  is a desktop Ultraviolet (UV) Ozone cleaner with substrate heater,  which is used for cleaning all types of substrates to achieve better thin film quality at low cost. Also, it is an excellent tool to remove and strip photoresist, improve surface wettability, Clean SEM & TEM samples, UV polymer activation, assembly etc.

UV-Ozone Cleaner has proven to be highly effective for non-acidic, dry, non-destructive atomic cleaning and removal of organic contaminants using intense 185 nm and 254 nm UV light. Under air and room temperature, the 185 line produces Ozone and while the 254 line excites organic molecules on the surface. This combination drives the rapid destruction and decimation of organic contaminants.


Input Power

  •      •  AC 220V, 50/60 Hz, (110VAC available upon request )
  •      •  Power 350 W Max.

Environment Requirement

  •      •  Indoor Use Only; Altitude Use Up To 5,500 Feet;
  •      •  Temperature Range 41-104 Degrees Fahrenheit;
  •      •  Maximum Relative Humidity 80%, Up To 87 Degrees Fahrenheit Decreasing Linearly to 50%
            Relative Humidity At 104 Degrees Fahrenheit;
  •      •  Main Power Supply Fluctuations Not To Exceed 10% Of The Nominal Voltage; Overvoltage
            Category II;
  •      •  Pollution Degree 2; ozone level (ambient) measurement at <45 ppb.

UV Lamp

  •      •  Solid metal double wave mercury lamp
  •      •  Wave Length: 253.7nm and 184.9nm
  •      •  UV lamp service life:  5000 hrs
  •      •  UV light area: 200 x 200 mm
  •      •  Can clean crystal wafer with a diameter up to 12“ x 35 mm thickness.
  •      •  The UV lamp is shipped separately with the machine to avoid potential transportation
            damage. It's the user's responsibility to read the user manual and carefully install the
            lamp to the machine. MTI is not responsible for any property, including the lamp,
            damage that results from improper installation and operation.

  •      •  The fragile UV lamp does not include in any warranty, please click to order spare.

Chamber & Sample Stage

  •      •  Stainless steel case
  •      •  Sliding drawer for easy sample loading
  •      •  Sample stage area is 310 mm x 320 mm ( ~12"x12" )
  •      •  Max. sample thickness: 40 mm
  •      •  Ozone venting device is built in the chamber
  •      •  Timer ranges from 0.01 seconds to 99.9 hours.

Heatable Sample Stage

  •      •  The sample stage is heatable up to 150ºC with the precision temperature controller
  •      •  The temperature controller is 20 segments programmable with +/-2 C accuracy
  •      •  Temperature uniformity:<10C within 6 inches diameter area; <20C within 12 inches diameter
  •      •  Heating rate: 15C max.
  •      •  The distance between the sample stage and lamp is adjustable from 20mm  to 40mm.

Vent Port

  •      •  3 in. the diameter vent port is built in the back of the machine
  •      •  One 10 ft. flexible pipe and one vent clamp are included for connecting the cleaner exhaust
             to a lab venting system.


  •      •  510mm x 350mm x 400mm (W x H x D)
Net Weight
  • 62 lbs

Shipping Weight & Dimensions

  •      •  160 lbs
  •      •  47" x 39" x 32"


  •      •  Meet NRTL safety standard
  •      •  NRTL certification is available upon request at extra cost

WarrantyOne-year limited warranty with lifetime support. The fragile UV lamp is not included in the warranty.

Operation Manual & Video


  •      •  Clean silicon wafer, Gallium Arsenide wafer, quartz  and ITO glass
  •      •  Clean all types of oxide single crystal substrate such as sapphire, STO, and LAO.
  •      •  Clean gold and Pt surface
  •      •  An oxidizing surface of a light metallic material
  •      •  Activate Polymers and Crosslink Polymers
  •      •  UV Strip Photo Resist / Photoresist
  •      •  UV Clean Production Line LED displays