Humidity & Oxygen Monitor

Trace Oxygen Analyzer (0 - 1000ppm) with KF40 & Flow Housings - EQ-W1000-LD

Trace Oxygen Analyzer (0 - 1000ppm) with KF40 & Flow Housings - EQ-W1000-LD

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Product Name Trace Oxygen Analyzer (0 - 1000ppm) with KF40 & Flow Housings - EQ-W1000-LD
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Housing & Sensor Combination

The W1000 microprocessor-based analyzer is ideal for the continuous measurement of gas mixtures in applications that demand heavy monitoring of the gas environment. A full-color backlight display shows the oxygen content data relayed by a precision electrochemical sensor in real-time with compensation for temperature and barometric pressure variations. Two fully programmable alarms with built-in delay enable the user to exert more control over processes.
Warning: The sensor should ONLY be used with flowing inert gas. Never use it under vacuum conditions, the sensor would suffer damage otherwise.



  •      •  The precision electrochemical sensor provides precision reading with rapid response time
  •      •  Five auto-ranging measurement scales available: 0 to 10/ 100/ 1000 ppm, 0 to 1/ 25%
  •      •  Perfect for high-precision oxygen detection inside a glove box or other enclosures
  •      •  KF40 Housing provides easy connection to MTI stainless steel glove boxes with KF40 ports
     KF40 to KF25 reducer is available for connection to KF25 ports, please click here to order)
  •      •  Flow-Thru housing with Swagelok fittings for monitoring gas applications requiring incoming
            gas lines with
     positive pressure


  •      •  Measuring Ranges                         5 Modes: 0 - 10ppm, 0 - 100ppm, 0 - 1000ppm, 0 - 1%,
                                                                   and 0 - 25%
  •      •  Display                                           Large color screen with backlight
  •      •  Response Time (T90)                    10 seconds
  •      •  Alarms                                            High / Low programmable limits with Delay
  •      •  Power Input                                    100 ~ 240V AC                                                                       
  •      •  Enclosure                                       General purpose ABS construction with 1/4 DIN flush mount
  •      •  Enclosure Dimensions                    85 x 96 x 96mm (L x W x H)

Oxygen Sensor


( Spare sensors can be purchased for $199 each )

Two Sensor Types available (
Please select the desired option from Product Options above):

Glove Box Sensor

Provides the best response when used in enclosed environments where battery R&D is conducted; measures trace oxygen levels in purge gasses (e.g. N2 and Argon).

(Image for reference only, Glove Box system
 is NOT included)

Furnace Sensor

Designed for CVD applications when acid and
aggressive gasses (e.g. CO2, HCI, HCN, and etc.)
will be present.

(Image for reference only, Furnace is
 NOT included)

  •      •  Micro fuel cell technology
  •      •  Accuracy:                                        +/- 1% Full Scale Range
  •      •  Repeatability:                                  +/- 0.5% Full Scale
  •      •  Temperature Coefficient:                 2.54%/ ºC
  •      •  Operating Temperature:                  0 to 50 ºC
  •      •  Storage Temperature:                      0 to 45 ºC
  •      •  Recommended Gas Flow:               0.5 - 2 SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour)
  •      •  Humidity:                                          0 - 100% Relative; Non-Condensing
  •      •  Logevity:                                          17 - 25 Months

Sensor Enclosures

( Spare enclosures can be purchased for $950 each )

Two Housing Configurations available (
Please select the desired option from Product Options above):

KF-40 Housing for a glovebox

Ideal for use with glove boxes or other enclosure housings with KF-40/ 25 ports


Optional Accessory: KF-40 Quick Clamp

Flow-Thru Housing sensor for furnace     
Comes with Swagelok fittings for positive pressure applications requiring incoming gas lines - this option is recommended for furnace systems. Please order tubes and Swagelok type fittings (click on photos for more details).


Two On-off valves with both side 1/4 tube fitting are included to prevent sensor damage 


Weight2 lbs
WarrantyOne year limited coverage with lifetime support

Operation Manual


Notes & Warnings

  •      •  Analyzer is designed for measuring trace oxygen in the presence of gas flow; it may not
            measure reliably when gas is static.
  •      •  NEVER use the oxygen sensor under vacuum conditions. The vacuum will cause irreversible
            damage to the sensor.
  •      •  ONLY USE the furnace oxygen sensor with CVD furnace systems to prevent contamination and
            damage to the sensor.

    •          º  To prevent sensor damage, please use quick ON/OFF valves ( two included per
                  order ) to isolate the sensor from open-air and maintain it with an inert gas at all times.
                 Click the picture below to learn more about this setup:


  •      •  Due to the variations in electronics and sensor technology, minor deviations in O2 reading
             performance may be experienced when using O2 analyzers or sensors from a
     different brand,
             technology, and etc.
  •      •  The oxygen sensor is consumable and not covered by warranty, damage caused by misuse is
             also excluded from coverage.