Coin cell Crimping Machine

Digital Pressure Controlled Electric Crimper for CR20XX Coin Cells ( Ar Glovebox Compatible) - MSK-160E (부가세 별도)

Digital Pressure Controlled Electric Crimper for CR20XX Coin Cells ( Ar Glovebox Compatible) - MSK-160E (부가세 별도)

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Product Name Digital Pressure Controlled Electric Crimper for CR20XX Coin Cells ( Ar Glovebox Compatible) - MSK-160E (부가세 별도)
Sale Price 6,500,000원
Product Code MSK-110D
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  • 110 - 240V AC (50/60Hz) NRTL certified power adapter for worldwide use
  • 24V DC motor with reducing gear, 15W. The operation is very safe without further certification                           
Output dimension
  • O.D +0.15mm after crimping (Original O.D 19.96mm, then output after crimping is about 20.11mm)
Power Cord Extention w/ Feed Through for using in a glove-box

  • An extension power cord with feedthrough is included in the standard package. This extension is required for the following applications:
    • No power source is available inside the glove box and the customer needs to extend the power cord to the outside of the glovebox,
    • The equipment is going to be placed in an argon atmosphere. Due to the nature of the argon atmosphere, the 24V adapter is susceptible to arcing in argon. (Nitrogen atmosphere is safe.)
  • FH-KF40-PS24
Die Set & Compatibility

Pressure  Control

  • A built-in load cell with a digital display for pressure measurement and control
  • Pressure adjustment range: 0-1.35T
  • Recommended assembling pressure for CR20XX coin cells should be over 0.8T for MTI's CR2032 cases. Please find the desired pressure by experiment.
Protection ShieldProtection shield/enclosure (plexiglass) with safety interlock is installed

Product Dimensions
& Weight

  • Dimension:     220mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 430mm(H)
  • Net Weight::    25 kg (55 lbs)
  •    The crimper can be sent into glovebox via airlock chamber
Shipping Dimensions
  • 40" x 28" x25"
Shipping Weight
  • 80 lbs
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost. Please contact our sales representatives for a quote
WarrantyOne year limited warranty with lifetime support
(rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty)
Operation Manual & Video
Maintenance Notes

& Warnings
  • Electrolytes are highly corrosive materials. The die set must be cleaned with alcohol after each use to avoid corrosion
  • In the case a replacement die is needed, please click pic.1 in below to order.
  • The PTFE die (found at the top die) ejects the cell casing after crimping via spring-loaded pressure. Do NOT overtighten the pressure adjustment knob to avoid damaging this PTFE die.
  • To set the proper pressure on the die, loosen the knob all the way until the spring compression is no longer stressed. Then start tightening the knob and stop turning it once the spring compression is felt. This will prevent the PTFE to die from deformed by overpressure. (Please refer to Pic.2 for details. )
  • Please use MTI Brand Coin Cell Cases only with the crimper. We don't guarantee the crimping quality if other brand cells
           Pic.1       Pic.2                                   

Application Notes  ----

How to choose  MTI Crimper
  • MSK-110 is hydraulic manual crimper. It is suitable to use outside glovebox.   It is a little difficult to operate inside a glove box, and also may be risky on oil leaking for long time use
  • MSK-110-S  is driven by inert gases, which is suitable for use inside a glovebox with N2/Ar and with the faster operation.
  • MSK-160E is driven by electric and good for using in the glovebox with N2/Ar.   but speed is a little slower than MSK-110-S. It has a compact size and can be transferred via the air-lock chamber of the glovebox.
  •    Msk-110                 MSK-110S          MSK-160E