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Split Test Cell with Quartz Window for In-situ Raman Analysis - EQ-STC-RAMAN (부가세 별도)

Split Test Cell with Quartz Window for In-situ Raman Analysis - EQ-STC-RAMAN (부가세 별도)

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Product Name Split Test Cell with Quartz Window for In-situ Raman Analysis - EQ-STC-RAMAN (부가세 별도)
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Product Code EQ-STC-RAMAN
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  •      •  Electrolyte corrosive-proof
    PTFE Guide Sleeve capable of withstanding up to 250 ºC.
           (Please select the size of the PTFE sleeve I.D. at Product Options: 5,10,12,15,19,20, and 24 mm)
  •      •  Sealed by electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE O-rings.
  •      •  A 6 mm height spacer inside the test cell to press down on the electrode and prevent the electrode from
  •      •  Small enough to be put in and taken out from a glove box.
  •      •  Easy to separate and clean after testing.
  •      •  Same functionality to "Swagelok Coin Cell" but with more size options for electrode and separator and also
            the proper dimensions for glove box compatibility.


  •      •  Stainless Steel 316
  •      •  Quartz Window
  •      •  PTFE Sleeve
  •      •  PTFE O-ring


  •      •  Height: 61mm min. without load.
  •      •  Diameter: 70mm (widest diameter without lead.)
  •      •  Lead-exposed length: 19mm
  •      •  Quartz Window: ⌀18.3 mm (0.71") x 0.2 mm Thickness
  •      •  The thin quartz window could transparent the signal, even though it is fragile.


  •      •  Observation Area = 8.0 mm Dia. Quartz Observation Window
  •      •  Quartz Window Size = 18.3 mm Dia.          
   Max. Working
  •      •  250 ºC

   PTFE Sleeve Size

  •      •  PTFE (white) sleeve around a stainless steel pressing pad.
  •      •  PTFE sleeve I.D.: 5,10,12,15,19,20,and 24 mm
  •      •  Choose one at Product Options


Quartz window O-ring15mm11mm
Spring compression O-ring24mm17mm
Top/Bottom contact O-ring38mm31mm


BoltTypeHead HeightHead Diameter
Top and bottom split cell fastening4mm Hex5mm7.8mm
Quartz window fastening3mm Hex4.2mm6.8mm


  •      •  Please contact us for purchasing multiple or various-sized PTFE sleeves.
  •      •  Anti-corrosive Au coating on the cell internal and inserts is an option. $396 surcharge will apply.
   Max. Cell
   Cathode+separator+anode: 6mm

   Detailed Illustration
   of the Test Cell

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   Installation and
   Operation Notices
   (click the pictures
   right to see the

   Note: First two photos (left and middle) show the what's included in the split cell tester.

   Demo Video
  (how to do battery
   research by the
   split cell )


   Application Notes

  •      •  The Bolts and the top lead go below the top face and it is easy to be loaded to the microscope.
  •      •  For In-situ Laser Raman Spectroscopy, the typical wavelength used is ranging from ultra-violet
            (244 nm~364 nm) to near infrared (785 nm~1064 nm). The quartz observation window we used can
             provide  >80% light-throughput for this wavelength range.
  •      •  For better in-situ observation, electrode material shall face the window.  you may use lab press and dry
            pressing die below to prepare an electrode pellet instead of using electrode coated Al or Cu foil.
  •      •  Optional: Purchase a vacuum pen for easy component placement.