Muffle Furnaces (400-1800°C)

Many experiments and procedures taken in the lab requiring extreme heat environment.    For this purpose, the high temperature muffle furnace steps in as the necessary part of laboratory equipment.
MTI Corporation are providing the muffle furnace at a affordable cost including vacuum box furnace, crucible furnace, dental furnace, hydrogen furnace, vertical furnace, and etc.    The sizes of the muffle furnace various from the smaller furnaces which are conveniently placed on a workbench, to the larger units that has a coveted capacity and competent for all duty.





1600 -1700°C  




1800 °C  


Vacuum & Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces 


Hybrid Box / Tube Furnaces 


Rotary & RockingTube Furnace(1 - 3 zone) 


Bottom Loading Box Furnaces 


Micromove Furnaces 


Customized Industrial Furnaces 


Ceramic Crucibles (Alumina, Zirconia, etc) & Quart wares 


Accessories for Muffle Furnace 


400-1800ºC Max. Muffle Furnaces Heated by Electric Resistance Wire 


Tube Furnacese 

High Pressure Oxygen Furnaces