Microspheres-nanospheres provides broad range high quality research and development microspheres and nanospheres, custom microparticles, standard and custom surface chemistries to the worlds research communities with speed and flexibility.    We are dedicated to providing high quality products at reasonable prices and have recently created a new, more user friendly website to better accommodate your needs.
We offer the largest selection of monodisperse inorganic, polymer (latex) and magnetic microspheres and

The size range of our microparticles is from few
nanometers to about one hundred micron.
These truly spherical and uniform particles are prepared to satisfy the most demanding applications requiring uniform and monosized micro beads with plain and functionalzed surfaces.      

Our microspheres and nanospheres have plain, amino, carboxyl, avidin, biotin, streptavidin, antibody finished surfaces and are suitable for applications in immunological research, separation of cells, nucleic acids, proteins.
Each product at microspheres-nanospheres is carefully designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest quality standards.    We specialize in production of microspheres and nanospheres used predominantly in research and development projects.    As scientists we understand that the investigators facing many difficult challenges with multiply variables.    One important factor determining our production philosophy is do not introduce additional variables and uncertainties.    Opposite, our microspheres and nanospheres are designed to reduce number of variable, aid to investigators solve their problems with our well defined microparticles.    When applying our microparticles you can expect :

perfectly spherical shape microspheres and nanospheres

truly uniform sizes ranging ~50nm to 1000nm (nanospheres) and 1μm to 100μm  (microspheres)

well characterized and quantified surface functionality for antibody coated microparticles

magnetic microspheres and nanospheres which respond to the magnetic field immediately

dyed microspheres and nanospheres with perfected and reliable absorbance

We offer the largest selection of monodisperse
polystyrene, melamine ,PMMA, polylactide, dextran, flow cytometry, size standards, gold, silver, silica, alumina, titania, glass, magnetic, fluorescent, microspheres and nanospheres with plain, functionalzed surfaces (plain, amino, carboxyl, avidin, biotin, streptavidin, antibody)






Size Standards