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Customized 5 Heads RF Plasma Magnetron Sputtering Coater for MGI Thin Film Research - VTC-5RF

Customized 5 Heads RF Plasma Magnetron Sputtering Coater for MGI Thin Film Research - VTC-5RF

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Product Name Customized 5 Heads RF Plasma Magnetron Sputtering Coater for MGI Thin Film Research - VTC-5RF
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VTC-5RF is 5 guns RF plasma magnetron sputtering system designed for high throughput material genome initiative (MGI) thin film research, enabling exploration of new generations of materials via combinatorial sputtering for both metallic and non-metallic materials. The system is capable of a five-element combinatorial coating of up to 16 samples with varying compositions, making it especially good for searching high-performance solid state electrolyte materials, magnetic alloys, and multiferroic materials.



  •      •  5 magnetron sputtering guns for 5 different target materials

  •      •  Depending on the power supplies used (RF or DC), both
            metallic and non-metallic materials can be deposited.

  •      •  Capable of sputtering 5 target materials to produce various
            compositions via different sputtering times / rates

  •      •  With optional 5 power supplies, 5 target materials can be
            sputtered at the same time for combinatorial sputtering

  •      •  16 samples can be deposited in one batch with a mask and
             a rotating sample holder

   Input Power

  •      •  Single phase 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  •      •  1000 W (including vacuum pump and water chiller)

   Power Source


  •      •  One 13.5 MHz,300 W auto-match RF generator is included
            and connected to the sputtering heads

  •      •  The rotatable switch can activate one sputtering head at a
             time. Sputtering heads can be switched “in the plasma”
             without breaking of vacuum during a multilayer process.

  •      •  Multiple RF power supplies are optional, which allows user
            to sputter multi-target at the same time for combinatorial

  •      •  Laptop with control software is available at extra cost to
            control each RF gun's sputtering time and power



  •      •  You may choose DC power supply for metallic target sputtering

  •      •  With five DC or RF power supplies, 5 target materials can
            be sputtered at the same time for combinatorial sputtering

    Magnetron Sputtering

  •      •  Five 1" magnetron sputtering heads with water cooling
             jackets (Click Pic #1 for detail information) are included and
             inserted into quartz chamber via quick clamps

  •      •  RF cable replacement can be purchased at MTI
     Pic #2 for detail information)

  •      •  One manually operated shutter is built on the flange
     Pic #3)   

  •      •  One 10 L/min digitally controlled recirculating water chiller
             is included for cooling sputtering heads
     Pic #4 for detail information)

      (1)  (2) (3) (4)

    Sputtering Target



  •      •  Target size requirement: 1" diameter x 1/8" thickness max

  •      •  Sputtering distance range: 50 – 80 mm adjustable

  •      •  Sputtering angle range: 0 – 25° adjustable

  •      •  1" diameter Cu target and Al2O3 target are included for
             demo testing

  •      •  Various oxide 1” sputtering targets are available upon
             request at extra cost

  •      •  For target-bonding, 1 mm and 2 mm copper backing plates
            are included. Silver epoxy (Pic #1) and extra copper backing
             plates (Pic #2) can be ordered at MTI

    Vacuum Chamber


  •      •  Vacuum chamber is made of 304 stainless steel with
            reinforcing rib

  •      •  Inside vacuum chamber size: 
            470 mm L × 445 mm D × 522 mm H  
    (~105 Liters,
            18.5“x17.5"x 20.5")

  •      •  Round 380 mm Dia. hinged type door with 150 mm Dia
            glass window

  •      •  Temperature range: -15 to 150 °C

  •      •  Vacuum level: 4.0E-5 torr with turbo pump

    Sample Holder


  •      •  150 mm diameter rotatable sample holder for coating 16
              sample one one batch with different compositions

  •      •  Sample holder and mask rotation can be controlled manually
            by a button or automatically by a control software (Optional)

  •      •  The sample holder temperature is adjustable from RT to
             600 °C max


   Vacuum Pump


  •      •  KF40 vacuum port is built in for connecting to a vacuum pump.

  •      •  A compact turbo pump is included (Click the left picture to see

  •      •  4.0E-5 Torr with optional turbo pump  (Click the picture below)  


  •      •  Precision quartz thickness sensor is optional
            (Click Pic #1 for detail information). It can be built into the
            chamber to monitor coating thickness with accuracy 0.1 Å
            (water cooling required)

    • Easy USB connection to PC for remote thickness and coating speed monitoring

    • 5 pcs quartz sensors (consumable) are included

   Net Weight

  •      •  60 kg


  •      •  CE approval

  •      •  MET Certification (UL 1450) is available upon request at
            extra cost, please contact our sales representative for quote.



  •      •  One years limited warranty with lifetime support

   Application Notes


  •      •  This compact 1" RF magnetron sputtering coater is designed
            for coating oxide thin films on oxide
    single crystal substrates,
            which usually does not need high vacuum set-up

  •      •  A two-stage pressure regulator (not included) should be
            installed on the gas cylinder to limit the output pressure of
            gas to below 0.02 MPa for safe usage. Please use > 5N purity
            Ar gas for plasma sputtering

  •      •  For the best film-substrate adhesion strength, please clean
            the substrate surface
    before coating:

    • Ultrasonic cleaning (Click Pic #1 to order) with the following sequential baths - (1) acetone, (2) isopropyl alcohol - to remove oil and grease. Blow dry the substrate with N2, then hot bake in vacuum to remove absorbed moisture

    • Plasma cleaning (Click Pic #2 to order) may be needed for surface roughening, surface chemical bonds activation, or additional contamination removal

    • A thin buffer layer (~5 nm), such as Cr, Ti, Mo, Ta, could be applied to improve adhesion of metals and alloys

  •      •  For best performance, the non-conductive targets must be
             installed with a copper backing plate.

            Please refer to the instruction video below (#3) for target-

  •      •  MTI supplies single crystal substrate from A to Z
            (Click Pic #4 to order)

  •      •  MTI RF Plasma Sputtering Coaters have successfully
            coated ZnO on Al
    2O3 substrate at 500 °C
            (XRD profile in Pic #5)

  •      •  Test the flexibility of the thin film/coated electrode with
           EQ-MBT-12-LD mandrel bending tester.
            (Click Pic.6 for detail.)

  •      •  HIGH VOLTAGE! Sputtering heads connect to high voltage.
            For safety, the operator must shut down the RF generator
            before sample loading and target changing operations

  •      •  DO NOT use tap water in water chiller. Use coolant, DI water,
             distilled water, or anti-corrosive additives with water

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