Thin Film on Substrates: A-Z

MTI cooperates with several companies to supply various thin film on substrate from A to Z for R&D.    Please click list below to find stand film to order on-line directly.    If you need any film on substrate , but can not find from the list below, please contact us at .
Please click link to read a good review article  :   Epitaxial growth of thin film

Aluminum on Silicon Wafer 


AlN Thin Film on Silicon & Sapphire 


Au coated Silicon wafer /Microscope Slides 


Au (epi) /Cr coated SiO2/Si substrate 


Au (highly oriented polycrystalline)/Ti/SiO2/Si substrate  


Ag /Cr coated SiO2/Si substrate 


AlGaN Template on Sapphire 




Boron Nitride Film on Silicon Wafer 


Ba1-xSrxTiO3 Film on (Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si) 


BiFeO3 Film on (Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si) 


CeO2 Epi-thin film on YSZ Alloy 




Cu Epi Film on Si 


Diamond on Silicon wafer 


FTO Coated Glass 


GaN Template on Sapphire& Silicon 


Ga2O3-ß Film on Sapphire 


Graphene film on Ni/SiO2/Si 


GaAs Template 


GaAs/AlGaAs EPI Film on GaAs (SI) 

InAlAs on InP 


InGaAs EPI on InP( Semi-insulating) 


InGaP on GaAs 


ITO Coated Glass / Plastic Substrates 


LaNiO3 Film on Si/SiO2/Ti/Pt 


La0.5Sr0.5TiO3 Various Substrate 


Si+SiO2+Pt (Polycrystalline)Thin Film 


Si+SiO2+Ti(TiO2)+Pt (Poly or single crystalline)Thin Film 


SiC Epi Film (3C) on Silicon Wafer 


SiC-4H film on SiC-4H 


Silicon Nitride film on Silicon Wafer 


SrMoO4 Film on Various Substrates 


SiO2 +Si3N4 on Silicon wafer 


SOI Wafer ( Silicon On Insulator ) 


SOS (silicon on Sapphire) 


Thermal Oxide Wafer 


YBCO Epi Film on SrTiO3 , LaAlO3 or Al2O3,LSAT 


YIG Epi. Film on GGG 


ZnO thin film on Sapphire 

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