Ceramic Substrates: A-Z

The ceramic substrates are made by tape casting or hot pressing technology for thick electronic film and board.    MTI supplies the ceramic substrate in both as-fire and fine polished surfaces.    Please click the follow ceramic substrate from A-Z to purchase our standard substrate on-line.    If you have any special need for the ceramic substrate, please feel free to contact us. mti@mtikorea.co.kr 

Aluminum Nitride Substrates: AlN 


Aluminum Oxide Substrates Al2O3 


BeO Ceramic Substrate 


BK7 Glass 


Carbon Substrate & Foam 


Corning Glass 


FTO Coated Glass 


Fused Silica Substrates: SiO2 


ITO Coated Glass / Plastic Substrates 


Mica Disks Highest Grade V1 


Mo-Coated sodalime Glass 

NaCa Soda Lime Glass 


Pyrolytic Boron Nitride 


Pyrolytic Graphite Substrate 


Schott Glass (D263) 


Silicon Nitride ( Si3N4) Substrate 


Silicon Carbide Ceramic Substrate 


TiO2 Coated Pyrex Sodalime Glass 


YSZ ( Yittrium stablized ZrO2) 


Gorilla Glass 


ZnO Coated Sodalime Glass 


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One 1" - 6" diameter single wafer Carrier Box - including Container, Cover & Spring  One Single Wafer Carrier Box for 4" - 6" wafer (SP5-S170) --- New design  Gel Sticky Carrier Box - Transparent 
Gel Sticky Carrier Box -- Transparent Cover  One Membrane Film Box  Die / IC Trays 
Plastic Foam Module Wafer Carrier for Multi Wafer of 4"  V2.0 Electric Vacuum-Pen - EQ-EVP-V20     
MTI & MTI Korea are original manufacturer and supplier of Various Wafer Carrier Boxes.
You can purchase the Carrier Boxes at Best Price.
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