Thermoelectric Materials


Target / Evaporation : A-Z

MTI specializes in various oxide, semiconductor and alloy targts and evaporation materials.    The lists below are some standard products.    You can directly order on-line without a quote.    Please click chemical formula below table to find what you need.    If you have any special need for targets, please contact us at .
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A - C C - L L - M N - T W - Z
Al    LiF  Nb  W
Al2O3  CdWO4  LiCoO2  Pt  WC 
Ag  Ge  LiMn2O4  Si   
Au  GaAs  LiFePO4  SiO2  YBCO 
BaTiO3 GaN  LiNiCoMnO2  SiC  YSZ 
(BaxSr1-x)TiO3  GaP  Li3PO4  SrRuO3  Zn 
Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3    Li4Ti5O12  SrTiO3  Zr
BiFeO3  Iridium      ZnO
C    MgO  Ti  
CaF2  LaAlO3  MgF2  TiO2   
■    Oxide sputtering target  ■    Metal sputtering target 
■    (Boride, Carbide, Nitride, Fluoride, Silicide, Sulfide, Telluride, stannate) sputtering target 
■    Alloy sputtering target  ■    Thin film photovoltaic coating materials 

Evaporation Materials -
Single crystal cubic from A to Z 


Oxide Targets 


Target for Thin Film Battery 

Semiconductor Targets
( including: C, GaN and SiC etc ) 


Metal & Alloy Targets 


Plasma sputtering target