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Plasma Cleaners

Plasma cleaning involves the removal of impurities and contaminants from surfaces through the use of an energetic plasma  created from gaseous species.    Gases such as argon  and oxygen , as well as mixtures such as air and hydrogen/nitrogen.    The plasma is created by using high frequency voltages (typically kHz to >MHz) to ionize the low pressure gas (typically around 1/1000 atmospheric pressure), although atmospheric pressure plasmas are now also common.
엠티아이코리아가 제작하는 고품질의 플라즈마제품(Plasma Cleaning & Sputtering)을 국내 최저가로 공급해 드립니다.
Plasma Sputtering (플라즈마 스퍼터링) Coaters & Plasma Cleaner/ Ethcher (please click here)