Doctor-Blade Film Coater ( Tape Casting )

Large Automatic Film Coater with 12"W x 24"L Vacuum Chuck and 250mm Adjustable Doctor Blade - MSK-AFA-II-VC (부가세 별도)

Large Automatic Film Coater with 12"W x 24"L Vacuum Chuck and 250mm Adjustable Doctor Blade - MSK-AFA-II-VC (부가세 별도)

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Product Name Large Automatic Film Coater with 12"W x 24"L Vacuum Chuck and 250mm Adjustable Doctor Blade - MSK-AFA-II-VC (부가세 별도)
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MSK-AFA-II-VC is a CE Certified and UL/CSA ready-to-pass Large Automatic Film Coater with vacuum chuck designed to produce films with consistent thickness by using micrometer adjustable applicators or fixed thickness applicators. It has a unique driving system to produce the smooth coating on all types of materials. The flat vacuum chuck is built in to hold the substrate sheet in place, which is particularly useful when coating on the thin substrate and making uniform tape casting. One micrometer adjustable applicator is included for immediate use. This machine can be used for research on ceramic tape casting and Li-Ion battery electrode coating.


Working Voltage
A UL/CSA listed 100-240VAC IN - 24VDC OUT power adapter is included.
Max. Power Consumption100W

Traverse Speed
  • 5 - 100 mm/sec variable
  • Accuracy: 10mm/sec
Stroke Length10 - 550 mm adjustable by using Adjustable Position Switch
Max. Coating Dimensions250mm(W) x 550mm(L)

Vacuum chuck
  • Vacuum chuck made of Aluminum alloy with < 1 mm holes
  • Vacuum Chuck Dimensions: 600mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 20mm(H)

Vacuum Pump (Optional)

(Remove oilless pump from standard pack Since 02/26/2016 )
Film Applicator

  • One 250 mm width Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator is included, with adjustable thickness from 0.01 mm - 5 mm
  • Traverse Pusher is included for pushing the doctor blade to ensure constant speed coating
  • Note:  Thinnest film can be achieved is > 10 micron
Product Dimensions805mm(L) x 430mm(W) x 223mm(H)

  • CE certified
  • This machine is using 24VDC input power which shall be exempted from the safety inspection (according to UL61010/SPE-1000 regulation). However, with additional certification fee, MTI can arrange NRTL to perform UL/CSA inspection and label the machine per customer's request.
WarrantyOne year limited warranty with lifetime support
Operation Manual & Video                 

Application Notes
  • Pic.1 and 2 show coated cathode and anode for Li-Ion battery. Please click here to see how to coat an electrode sheet.
  • It is recommended to operate the coater under a fume hood. (Click Pic.3 for detail.)
  • You need a vacuum mixer to remove air bubbles inside slurry and to make uniform coatings (Click Pic.4 for detail.)
  • You may need a Slurry Viscosity Tester to make coatings consistent (Click Pic.5 for detail.)
  • You may need a vacuum oven to dry the films and remove binder after coating. (Click Pic.6 for detail.)
  • Rolling pressing is necessary to ensure good density and adhesion of electrode materials to the current collector substrate after coating. Please select a rolling press from here. (Click Pic.7 for detail.)
  • For using other Film Applicator different from standard package, customized Traverse Pusher required to ensure the constant coating speed.( Click Pic.9 for detail.)
  • Test the flexibility of the coated electrode with EQ-MBT-12-LD mandrel bending tester. (Click Pic.10 for detail.)
                         Pic.1               Pic.2                 Pic.3               Pic.4                   Pic.5                   Pic.6                  Pic.7                   Pic.8                              Pic.9               Pic.10
Net Weight30 kg (67 lbs)
Shipping Dimensions48"(L) x 40"(W) x 37"(H)
Shipping Weight255 lbs

1Large Automatic Film Coater1
2Traverse Pusher1
3Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator - 250 mm (film casting doctor blade) EQ-Se-KTQ-2501
4Power Cable (Note: 220V Power plug is not included. Please click here to order)1
5Waste Plate1
6120L/min Oilless Vacuum Pump optional