Thermoelectric Materials

Thermoelectric materials are used in thermoelectric systems for cooling or heating in niche applications and are being studied as a way to regenerate electricity from waste heat. Thermoelectrics study the direct inter-conversion between heat flow and electrical power, which has a wide range of applications including power generation and refrigeration.  ( Click Picture below to see detail Specs )

   Automatic Weighting &

 Automatic Weighting             Highthrough Weighting
  Vacuum Tube Sealing

   Vacuum Sealing  Fixture           Quartz tube for ampole seal

Singel Crystal Growth
   Economic Bridgman      Precision Bridgman        CZ Gowth

  Varous Melting & Casting
Rocking Furnace    Induction melting    Levatation Melting       

       Melt Spinning   UHV Melting&Casting Directional Solidification

  Alloy Bulk Crashing

   Disc Crushing                 Jaw Crushing                 Ball Crashing 

  Powder Ball Milling

   High Energu Mill       Cryogenic  Milling           Planetary Mill   
 Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixe      HiThroughput Ball Milling 

  Vacuum Hot Pressing

  Resistance Heating    Induction Rapid Heating 

        SPS -DC & Pullse     
    500C Laminating Hot Press       

  Hot-press in glovebox
   Heat Treatment

  Box Furnaces                      Tube Furnaces

  Cutting & Polishing

      Low-Speed Saw                Diamond Wire Saw           Cylinder Sample Cutting         Multi-Station Lapping &