Tube Furnaces (1- 7 Zones)

MTI has been producing various laboratory Tube Furnaces since 1995.    MTI has shipped Tube Furnaces all over the world and is the world leader in manufacturing Lab Furnaces.    The picture at the right shows our Tube Furnaces in a lab located in Silicon Valley, USA.    Below are some links tothe papers related to Tube Furnace applications.
○    How to use Tube Furnace for VLS process
○    Gowth of ZnO nanorod by VLS process in tube furnace
○    Gowth of Si nanowire by VLS process
○   Physical Vapor Deposition Technique (PVD) for growing nanostructures by Tube Furnace 

○   Price listed here is valid for USA and customer who can check out from on-line by credit card only.    For international customer, please expect an additional surcharge of 15 - 20% increase in price to cover the extra export and distribution cost
○   All MTI furnaces are CE certified.    If anyone is found to copy MTI products, please report to CE or MTI immediately

Single-zone Tube Furnace ( 200 - 2000 °C ) 


Rotary & Rocking Tube Furnace(1 - 3 zone) 


RTP & Graphene Tube Furnace 


Vertical & Quenching Furnace 


Tube Furnace Accessory 


Multi-Zones Tube Furnaces ( 2 - 12 Zones ) 


CVD, PECVD, ALD & Hydrogen Furnace 


High Pressure & Vacuum Tube Furnace 


UL / CSA Ready Tube Furnace 


Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Furnace for Nano/Core-Shell Particles Formation 


Furnaces for High-Temperature Corrosion Research 


Hybrid Box / Tube Furnaces 


SS Sealing Flange Assembly for 1"-11" Processing Tubes 


Processing Tubes and Blocks 


Crystal Growing Furnaces