High Pressure Furnace (HIP)

1100°C Three Zone Super-Alloy High Pressure Tube Furnace with Gas Flow Control System -OTF-1200X-HP-III-80-GF

1100°C Three Zone Super-Alloy High Pressure Tube Furnace with Gas Flow Control System -OTF-1200X-HP-III-80-GF

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Product Name 1100°C Three Zone Super-Alloy High Pressure Tube Furnace with Gas Flow Control System -OTF-1200X-HP-III-80-GF
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OTF-1200X-HP-III-80-GF is a high-pressure tube furnace with three heating zones and gas flow control system as well as a protective frame. The processing tube is made of Ni-based superalloy with 50 mm ID, which can be heated to max.1100°C under high-pressure of both oxygen and inert gases with controlled flow rate.   The furnace originally is designed for processing Fe-based superconductive material, also can be used for exploring new generation oxide ceramic as a compact HIP.



  •      • 
    Splitable Three heating zone tube furnace with air cooling layer
  •      •  High quality fibrous insulation and reflective coating for max. energy saving.
  •      •  Power:  208 - 240VAC 50/60Hz , 4KW max.  

Heating Zone

  •      • 
    hree heating zones:   150mm + 150mm + 150 mm
  •      •  Total heating zone length: 450mm
  •      •  Constant temp. zone: 300mm ±5°C

    Working Temperature

  •      • 
    1100°C max.for < 1hr  
  •      •  1000°C for continuous
  •      •  Heating rate: ≤10°C/min

Temperature Control

    •      •  Three precision digital temperature controller with 30 segments programmable

    •      •  PID control method with protection of  over-temp. and thermal couple broken

    •      •  Temperature stability: ±1°C

    •      •  PC control software and laptop computer are included for PC operation




    Process Vessel  &

    Safety Frame    

    •      •  Pressure vessel is made of Nickel based superalloy GH747 (Click to download GH747 nickel
              based alloy datasheet

    •      •  Vessel size: OD 85 x  ID 50 x  Length 1000 (mm)

    •      •  Pressure vessel is located inside a steel frame to avoid flange flying out by accident
              ( see picture below ) and ensure a safe operation.

    •      •  Optional: torque wrench is available here to avoid over-tighten the flange bolts.

    •      •  Warning: Never put sample inside tube directly without crucible or isolated foil to avoid sample
              react with tube alloy.


      Working Pressure vs. Working Temperatue

      Pressure calculation based on safety factor 3.

      •      •  140 Bar max. at  800°C
      •      •  80 Bar max. at  900°C
      •      •  40   Bar max. at 1000°C
      •      •  2.5   Bar max. at 1100°C
      •      •  Never heat up above 1200°C

      Working Gases

      •      • 
        Inert gas and oxygen
      •      •  No hydrogen or any flammable gas

      Flange and  Fitting

      •      • 
        Two CF type flanges are weld with female 1/4"NPT fitting to connect high-pressure tube

      •      •  2 pcs Copper o-rings are included  ( spare copper O-ring is available as consumable )

      •      •  One pair of water cooling ring , made of cupper tube , is installed on two ends of the tube
                ( > 10 liter / min water flow is required)

      •      •  One 16L/min flow rate  recirculating water chiller  is included as a cooling system to save water.  


      Gas Flow System

      •      •  Gas control system is built in a heavy duty mobile table under furnace and safety frame

      •      •   Three pressure sensors and digital displays are installed to monitor furnace pressure for gas inlet,
      •           inside tube and gas flow end separately

      •      •   One high-pressure mass flow controller is built in gas outlet to control gas flow rate with max. 10Mpa
                  working pressure and 500 MCC flow rate
          laptop via included software for remote monitoring and

      •      •  Three adjustable pressure release valves are installed to ensure safety.  The valve will release gas
                 when pressure reaches setting point.

      Dimension & Weight

      •      •  Dimension:  1200 L x 600 D x 1540 H,mm  ( includes furnace, pressure control table and safety
      •      •  Net weight:   180 kg

      Operation Instruction

      Compliance and Warranty

      •      •  All electric components
                ( >24V) are UL or MET listed, and ready to pass TUV, UL or CSA certificate on feild at extra cost


                        ( click mark to learn what is )

      •      •  One year limited warranty for lifetime support

      Application Notes

      •      •  Hytort Application, or named Hydroretorting of Shale Oil
         is a process developed by IGT to double the
                yield of shale oil and hydrocarbon gases. MTI High-Pressure furnaces with Ni-based superalloy tube
                is an ideal tool for conducting related experiments. Please click underlined to view research paper.

      Safety Notes

      •      •  Ni-based Superalloy ( Waspaloy or equivalent) is a reliable processing tube which can be used under
                high temperature and high pressure.. It has excellent ductility and tensile property so only creep
                deformation happens under overpressure destruction test and following by a crack formed (usually at
                the hot zone at the center of tube) to release the pressure. Brittle fracture won’t happen in the
                overpressure destruction test which means no tube explosion will happen under overpressure of inert
                gas or safe gas or under other accidents causing overpressure of inert gas or safe gas.

                           The pics show Ni-based Super-alloy processing tube under overpressure test

      •      •  Warning:  Never put sample inside tube directly without crucible or isolated foil to avoid
                sample react with tube alloy.

      •      •  Attention: For the use with flammable, toxic or corrosive gases, you must contact MTI engineering
                group for the
        consultation to know all the prerequisites and precautionary measures.

      •      •  Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure
                to below 3 PSI for safe operation.
        Please click here to learn how to install the gas regulator.

      Optional Assessories

      •      •  To measure the electric properties of thermoelectric ceramics under high pressure & temperature
                conditions, please order alumina testing fixture and high pressure electrical feedthrough (10Mpa Max.)
                with the furnace (additional fee will apply).



          Tube Furnace main machine & operation manual
          Processing vessel
            High pressure flange w/ positive pressure sonser
          Vacuum flange KF40 and KF25 connector 
           1.5 meter long, 1/4" high pressure tubes are included for
      to gas tank and gas- inlet furnace tube conflat
          flange for positive pressure or vacuum

         EQ-KJ5000   Circulating water chiller
         KF-Valve-D40   KF-40 right-angle valve
         KF-Clamp-D40      KF-40 quick clamp
         KF-Clamp-D25   KF-25 quick clamp
         KF-BF25   KF-25 Blank flange fittings
         ORing-Cu82   Oxygen-free copper gasket
         FLG-kit-2   Furnace hook
         PC control software and interface and brand name Laptop computer   1